SME Events and Workshops

MultiPreneur International adds value to small business owners and startups by hosting events throughout the year.
Here’s our list of workshops and events for 2017.


Workshops for SMEs

Our comprehensive range of workshops for small business owners and individuals are held on Saturdays unless otherwise stated, and last between three hours and two days. Each of the workshop presenters has been carefully screened before being allowed onto our showcase. Our commitment is to deliver to no-nonsense value-added sessions, without marketing hype and high-pressure sales tactics.

20-Jan (Friday) How to Be Kind?
21-Jan The Finest Man
4-Mar Be the Finest Woman
09-Mar (Thursday, full-day) Simply Sales
18-Mar Physical Precious Metals
06-Apr (Thursday, full-day) Presentations are for People?
15-Apr (2-day) Website Marketing
22-Apr (2-day) Forex Trading
22-Apr The Finest Man
29-Apr Destiny Finder
06-May Financial Planning
20-May Physical Precious Metals
27-May Financial Planning
3-Jun Be the Finest Woman
08-Jun (Thursday, full-day) Art of War
17-Jun (2-day) Facebook Management and Advertising
8-Jul Capital Guaranteed Programming
15-Jul The Finest Man
22-Jul Financial Planning
27-Jul (Thursday, full-day) A Trainer of Substance
26-Aug (2-day) Website Marketing Congress
9-Sep Physical Precious Metals
30-Sep The Finest Man
7-Oct (2-day) SEO Optimisation
14-Oct Financial Planning
21-Oct Entrepreneurship Stories
11-Nov Physical Precious Metals
25-Nov (2-day) Facebook Management and Advertising


SME Events in Singapore and Southeast Asia

Our range of events for small business owners and startups are held on Wednesday evenings 6.30 – 8.30pm unless otherwise stated, and last between three hours and two days. The value-added sessions take the form of presentations, panel discussions, and sessions with mentors in a cosy and relaxed environment.

11-Jan Offline Presentations
8-Mar Panel: Funding for Small Business
15-Mar Mentors on Leadership
29-Mar Website Marketing
5-Apr Meet the Startups
19-Apr Contingency Planning
3-May Meet the Publisher
17-May Panel: Marketing for Small Business
31-May Meet the F & B Owners
14-Jun Mentors on Effectiveness
28-Jun Panel: Building Your Personal Brand
19-Jul Panel: Speak Your Essence
2-Aug Panel: Strategy for Small Business
30-Aug Find Your Life Calling
08-Sep (Friday) Conflict Resolution
15-Sep (Friday) Business Strategy
27-Sep Business Vision
11-Oct Mentors on Joyful Living
1-Nov Panel: Organising for Small Business
22-Nov Meet the Value Investors


Events for Individuals and Aspiring Authors

Similarly, our events for individual and aspiring authors are held on Wednesday evenings 6.30 – 8.30pm unless otherwise stated. Participants get access to valuable information, and gain insights into topics that are less often discussed, yet equally relevant to themselves and society as a whole.

18-Jan Meet the Bestsellers
15-Feb Let’s Talk about Investing
22-Mar Meet the Life-Saver
12-Apr Meet the Copywriters
26-Apr Let’s Talk about Unemployment
24-May Meet the Authors
7-Jun Meet the U-Turners
21-Jun Let’s Talk about Depression
5-Jul Let’s Talk About Raising Family
12-Jul Let’s Talk About Travel
26-Jul Let’s Talk about Communication
16-Aug Meet the Poets
23-Aug Let’s Talk about End-of-Life
6-Sep Meet the Bookseller
20-Sep Meet the Painter
4-Oct Let’s Talk about Wealth
25-Oct Zero Cost Publishing
8-Nov Meet the Authors
15-Nov Meet the Illustrator
29-Nov Meet the Authors